Harvest Festival

Starting in October, an eerie presence descends upon Valhalla bringing the spirits back from their graves – but only for a short time!
Check out the Haunted Ghostship Ride and collect points for exclusive foods and rewards, including an augmented ammo slot item!

This seasonal event includes multiple parts:

  • Trick-or-Treat!
  • Haunted Ship Ride (Event Dungeon: The Ashu Talif)
  • Spooky Skeletons (Event Dungeon)
  • Pacifying the Departed
  • Selbina-Mhaura Ferry Pirate Attacks
  • Mog Garden Active Time Event
  • Event Item Augments

See Guides on forum for additional walkthroughs.

An in-game event guide NPC is available in the Mog Garden with information about the event.
Visit the Mog Garden with the command: /s @mog
Teleports to event areas.
Summary of information in this guide.

Hop on over to @mog2 to participate in our 'Trick-or-Treat' event!

You see this skeleton in the image to the right? If you pull out some candy from the chests next to him, and then trade him some candy, he'll (probably) give you a random costume!

Once you're in costume, find the NPC within the Mog Gardens that matches your costume to receive event food. Take note, however, that each costumed NPC rewards you with only one candy drop, and only a specific type. Also–you just might get tricked into fighting the menacing Candy King!

If you manage to defeat the Candy King, you may choose any candy drop you wish*!
*Note: Each costumed NPC provides a different candy drop reward. See the Event Food section for more information.

Wandering souls have latched onto bombs in Ronfaure, Gustaberg, and Sarutabaruta. As you attack the monsters, eventually the soul may reveal itself. Once this happens, quell the monster's wrath, and the Hitodama will present itself in a pacified state.
*Please note that the Hitodama NPC will disappear within 1 minute of showing itself.

Rewards given to the player for helping the Hitodama move on through the afterlife:

  1. Harvest Pastry (furnishing)
  2. Spook-a-swirl (Ronfaure furnishing) or Chocolate Grumpkin (Gustaberg furnishing) or Harvest Horror (Sarutabaruta furnishing)

*Please note that you will obtain the furnishings regardless if you do not currently own them.

Ashu Talif Castaway
The Ashu Talif Captain and his horde of demonic crew are back with a vengeance!

The Ashu Talif is a custom area that is only accessed during the Harvest Festival, and may only be entered with a group of 3-18 players. To sign up for this event, all members must be in the Mog Garden, and a party leader must register the group at the Skeleton NPC on the Dinghy (as shown in the image to the right).

Once registered, all members will receive a Ready Check menu, and click Yes to confirm they are ready. Click the NPC once more when all members are ready to enter the Dungeon. Be weary, as there is a cutscene as you enter which must not be skipped!
Do not @release this cutscene, or you'll get stuck!

One thing that must be noted for every player is that there are 3 separate sections here, as well as a 1-hour limit to complete the event. So be on your toes, and don't waste your group's time! Each section has a door; only party or alliance leaders may advance the group into the next section.

Part 1: The Deckoning

Once you've managed to make it past the Gate: Lifeboat, you'll notice your group has been moved past it and 15 fomor Crew Members will be swabbing the deck, itching for you to make the first move! These fomors do aggro and link, so take care to support your group to the best of your abilities. Once all 15 of these swashbucklers have been defeated, the first boss will appear on the lower deck!

Cutthroat Kabsalah

This beastly Dullahan has been set aside as a trump card for the Ashu Talif Captain, should he ever lose his crew to fodder such as yourselves! Should you face this monster head-on without regard for your life, your head will surely roll!

Tread lightly around this undead axeman, as Cutthroat Kabsalah spawns 4 separate strong Imp helpers over the course of the fight, and tends to enjoy destroying the living in his wake.

 Cutthroat Kabsalah Abilities:
80/60/40/20% HP: Cutthroat Kabsalah will summon a Watch Imp to his aid.
Villainous Rebuke: Conal magic-based severe damage.
Stygian Release: Moderate conal magic-based damage. Additional effect: Stun.
Atramentous Libations: Moderate radial Drain.
Under 50% HP:
Infernal Bulwark: Applies Physical Shield, Magic Shield, Haste, and Ice Spikes. Increases Attack and Magic Attack.
Noahionto: Substantial radial magic-based damage. Likely can kill anyone.

100%: 25%: One of: One of: One of: One of: One of:
Eerie Cloak +1 Balm Sachet Deimos's Mask Freya's Mask Hikazu Kabuto Enlil's Tiara Macha's Crown
Millefleurs Sachet Freya's Trousers Macha's Pigaches Hikazu Sune-ate Deimos's Leggings Freya's Ledelsens
Olibanum Sachet
Attar Sachet
Sweet Sachet
Civet Sachet
Musk Sachet

Part 2: Departure

Once you've defeated Cutthroat Kabsalah, trigger the next ready check at the Door: Cargo Hold. Once again, your alliance leader must clear the ready check once everyone has been registered.

Once you've passed the door, you'll discover the Ashu Talif's secret cargo lingering below.

Black Bartholomew

Black Bartholomew is a Corse which utilizes the power of the dead. He hungers for souls, and in turn, summons the souls from the previous defeated fomors to feed upon. Ignoring these souls will ensure that Black Bartholomew feeds on them, and this means trouble ahead. Everytime he feeds, he gains back 5% of his HP, and uses his special ability: Hadal Summons. This can be a devastating blow to your group, and also increase the time you battle him, which causes this boss to be a time sink.

Defeat Black Bartholomew's channeled souls to avoid catastrophe, and this battle should not fare too difficult.

 Black Bartholomew Abilities:
85% to 15% HP: Summons an Ashu Talif Crew's soul every 5% HP.
Draw-In (alliance-wide)
Memento Mori: Increases Magic Attack.
Silence Seal: Radial Silence effect.
Envoutement: Single target physical damage. Additional effect: Curse.
Final Retribution: Moderate radial physical damage.
Hadal Summons: Moderate radial fire damage. Additional effect: Burn.
At 10% HP:
Danse Macabre: Charms current target.

100%: One of: One of: One of: One of: One of:
Coven Hat Deimos's Gauntlets Freya's Gloves Hikazu Gote Hikazu Hakama Enlil's Brayettes
Enlil's Crackows Deimos's Cuisses Macha's Slops Enlil's Kolluks Macha's Cuffs

Part 3: Captain's Log

After Black Bartholomew's defeat, trigger the next ready check at the Door: Great Cabin. Once again, your alliance leader must clear the ready check once everyone has been registered.

Once you've passed the door, you'll enter the final area.
Here, you'll see 5 Ashu Talif Marines. They link, but will not link with the Ashu Talif Captain behind the desk. Defeat them and proceed to the boss when you're ready.

Ashu Talif Captain

The captain is eagerly awaiting your arrival! He's got many tricks up his sleeves, and even in his boots!

This battle can be quite difficult, especially for healers. There's a lot going on here, and most groups will probably struggle. You better have brought your A game! Cross-class abilities such as Meditate, Provoke, and Healing Waltz are all very useful in this battle, as well as well-augmented equipment.

The Ashu Talif Captain will spawn two Windjammer Imps early in the fight. The red one exclusively uses Abrasive Tantara, which causes radial Amnesia. The blue one exclusively uses Deafening Tantara, which causes radial Silence. Your group may want to prepare a clear target to kill first before you engage.

At 90% HP: Spawns two Windjammer Imps. One exclusively Amnesias the group, while the other exclusively Silences.
At 50% HP: All 5 Ashu Talif Marines respawn, ready for vengeance.
 Ashu Talif Captain Ranged Attack: Radial ranged attacks cover the entire room.
Angry Seas: Draws in random players and deals moderately low water damage. Additional effect: Drown.
Thar She Blows: Moderate conal thunder damage.
Pirate Pummel: Radial physical damage.
Walk the Plank: Moderate conal physical critical damage.
Incensed Pummel: Moderately high radial dark damage. Additional effect: Attack Down.
Wings of Woe: Moderately high conal fire damage. Additional effect: Defense Down.
At 10% HP:
Larceny: Deals severe damage in a large radius, lowering HP to 20%.

100%: Two of:
Flan Masque Deimos's Cuirass
Pitchfork +1 Freya's Jerkin
Moggiebag Hikazu Hara-ate
Moggiebag Enlil's Gambison
Moggiebag Macha's Coat


You managed to defeat the Captain! If you look closely, his three chests laid around the room have been unlocked! Each player may grab a single item out of each. These chests contain x10 Bloody Chocolate, a Cotton Coin Purse, and a page of Dragon Chronicles.

You may exit the dungeon from the Moogle who was locked inside a chest, or simply use a player command to leave.

Up to 18 players can join together on a SPOOKY adventure through the Ruhotz Silvermines!
Gather up your friends and visit the Dungeon Proprietor in Leafallia with the @leaf command to enter the instance.

The goal is to defeat all of the monsters and reach the end of the dungeon.
Monsters reward bonus Experience and Gil.
Defeating monsters also grants additional buffs: Regen, Refresh, Regain, March, and Paeon.

This dungeon includes:

Skeleton: Bloody Chocolate used for Augmentations in @mog2
Ghost: Bloody Chocolate
Tricky Treat Chest: Trick or Treat! or is it?
Multiple NMs that reward Mog Pells, Copper AMAN Vouchers, and Kupon AW-Kupo or Kupon E-85 for Empyrean Weapons!

A final boss that rewards Key Item: “Atma of the Harvester

Return to Count Sweet-tooth in @mog2 to exchange Atma of the Harvester for an event item!

The Ashu Talif Captain has expanded the power of his demonic fleet and is plundering any poor souls who wish to travel by sea!
High level Adventurers who board the Ship bound for Mhaura from Selbina's port will be offered a chance to defend the Ferry.
Beware! The fleet's strength is mighty and knows no bounds.

🗸 Rewards scale based on number of monsters defeated
🗸 Experience Points
🗸 Gil
🗸 Zone-wide NMs can be attacked by any player
🗸 Reoccurs automatically within a time limit
🗸 Free Reraise

Every ~15 minutes an event will take place in the Mog Garden (@mog2). Hordes of demons and spooky monsters will invade the area. Clash steel with these formidable foes and help the Mog Knights defend the garden!

A treasure chest will appear at the end of the event with rewards inside. The rewards given will increase based on the amount of health remaining on the Boss at the end!

Inside the chest will also include one type of helmet:

Pumpkin Head
Pumpkin Head II
Horror Head
Horror Head II

Take the helmet to Count Sweet-Tooth to augment it with additional attributes.

Event Rewards Tent

Harvest Reaper

The Harvest Reaper tracks quests for the Harvest Festival.

Reward for completing all quests: Augments
Kakai Cap Evasion+6
Accuracy+17 Ranged Acc.+17
“Double Atk.”+2 Crit. hit+2

Count Sweet-tooth (Event Augments)

*To augment your Sachet from the Ashu Talif, or Pumpkin Helmets you must trade your Sachet along with Bloody Chocolate to Count Sweet-tooth in @mog2. Once the trade has been initiated, a menu will pop up with 3 selections.

Trade Requirements:

1x Lv.30 RSE Sachet (drops in Ashu Talif) + 50x Bloody Chocolates
- OR -
1x Lv.1 Pumpkin/Horror Helm (I or II) + 99x Bloody Chocolates

Choose your reward:

Augment Option Augments
Option 1 HP+30 MP+30 STR+7 DEX+7 VIT+7
Option 2 DMG+5 Haste+6%
“Double Atk.”+6 Crit. hit+6
“Store TP”+6
“Subtle Blow”+6
Option 3 HP+30 MP+30 INT+6 MND+6 CHR+6
Mag.Acc.+6 “Mag.Atk.Bns.”+6
“Fast Cast”+6

Count Sweet-tooth (Event Items)

This NPC also performs trades and rewards items through a menu.
Atma of the Harvester can be obtained from the final boss NM in the event dungeon: Spooky Skeletons.

Item Requires Details
Morbol Latte 5x Bloody Chocolate AoE Food. On use grants +15 stats and more to nearby players.
Lost Sickle Atma of the Harvester Lv.1 All Jobs (Scythe) DMG: 15 HP/MP+15 All Stats +3 DMG Scales based on Level
Lost Sickle +1 Trade 2x Lost Sickle (NQ) Lv.1 All Jobs (Scythe) DMG: 25 HP/MP+25 All Stats +5 DMG Scales based on Level
Rhapsody Shirt Atma of the Harvester Lv.1 All Jobs (Body) HP/MP+15 All Stats +3
Rhapsody Shirt +1 Trade 2x Rhapsody Shirt (NQ) Lv.1 All Jobs (Body) HP/MP+25 All Stats +5 Occ. nullify magic/physical damage Occ. no MP consumed while casting spells
Slime Earring Atma of the Harvester Lv.1 All Jobs (Earring) HP/MP+15 All Stats +5
Morbol Cap Atma of the Harvester Lv.1 All Jobs (Head) HP/MP+15 All Stats +5
Poroggo Coat Atma of the Harvester Lv.1 All Jobs (Body) HP/MP+15 All Stats +6

Shady Dealer

Sells the current items:

Item Cost Notes
Kakai Cap +1 1,000 gil Obtainable when the player is in possession of Kakai Cap.
Botulus Suit +1 1,000 gil Obtainable when the player is in possession of Botulus Suit.
Flan Masque +1 1,000 gil Obtainable when the player is in possession of Flan Masque.
Bomb Lantern 2,500 gil
Pumpkin Lantern 2,500 gil
Mandragora Lantern 2,500 gil
Jack-o-pricket 5,000 gil
Djinn Pricket 5,000 gil
Mandragora Pricket 5,000 gil
Korrigan Pricket 7,500 gil
Cushaw Lantern 15,000 gil

The Ashu Talif

Reward Notes
Eerie Cloak Trophy for defeating the first boss.
Coven Hat Trophy for defeating the second boss.
Flan Masque Trophy for defeating the final boss.
Pitchfork +1 Trophy for defeating the final boss.
Movement Speed +25% while equipped.
(does not require costume)
Acquired from NPC: Colored Drop Notes
Stray Hound
Red Drop Lasts 1 hour.
HP +10%
MP +5%
STR +20
Attack +50% (cap:150)
“Double Atk.”+10
Pet: Attack +25
Pet: “Mag.Atk.Bns.”+15
Pet: “Magic Damage Taken”-25%
Defunct Ghost
Clear Drop Lasts 1 hour.
HP +5%
MP +10%
INT +20
“Conserve MP”+10
Pet: Attack +25
Pet: “Mag.Atk.Bns.”+15
Pet: “Magic Damage Taken”-25%
Clipped Yagudo
Green Drop Lasts 1 hour.
HP +15%
MP +5%
AGI +20
Evasion +50\ Rng.Atk./Rng.Acc. +50% (cap:150)
Pet: Attack +25
Pet: “Mag.Atk.Bns.”+15
Pet: “Magic Damage Taken”-25%
Marooned Skeleton
Yellow Drop Lasts 1 hour.
HP +15%
MP +5%
VIT +20
Defense +50% (cap:150)
Enmity +10/Enmity Loss -5
“Regen”+5/Healing received +15%
Pet: Attack +25
Pet: “Mag.Atk.Bns.”+15
Pet: “Magic Damage Taken”-25%
Lost Orc
Purple Drop Lasts 1 hour.
HP +10%
MP +5%
DEX +20
Accuracy +50% (Cap:150)
Crit. hit rate +10%
“Triple Atk.”+5
Pet: Attack +25
Pet: “Mag.Atk.Bns.”+15
Pet: “Magic Damage Taken”-25%
Awry Quadav
Blue Drop Lasts 1 hour.
HP +5%
MP +15%
MND +20
Mag. Acc. +20/Enmity -10
“Cure” potency +15%
Pet: Attack +25
Pet: “Mag.Atk.Bns.”+15
Pet: “Magic Damage Taken”-25%
Sojourning Goblin
White Drop Lasts 1 hour.
HP +10%
MP +10%
CHR +20
Accuracy +25/Attack +25
Mag. Acc. +50/“Step” Acc. +25
Summoning Magic skill +15
“Blood Pact” ability delay -15
Avatar perpetuation cost -2
Pet: Attack +25
Pet: “Mag.Atk.Bns.”+15
Pet: “Magic Damage Taken”-25%
Forgotten Shadow
Black Drop Lasts 1 hour.
HP +10%
MP +10%
Store TP +20
Fast Cast +25
Combat skills +5
Blue Magic skill +15
Pet: Attack +25
Pet: “Mag.Atk.Bns.”+15
Pet: “Magic Damage Taken”-25%
Morbol Latte
Count Sweet-tooth Rewards
5x Bloody Chocolate AoE Food. On use grants +15 stats and more to nearby players.