Valhalla Content List

  • Blue Mage Spell NPC: Trains a BLU for spells that are unobtainable through normal means.
  • Fishing: Use rod / bait combinations to catch fish, old school style with no mini game.
  • Guild Shops: These are open 24/7 and are programmed to never close! See @mog2 for aggregated Guild NPCs from different zones.

Augment System - 5 Treasure Chests in The Mog Garden

Customize your gear with up to 4 enchants per item, and choose between 50+ augment combinations to enhance damage, stats, affinity, and more.

Valhalla has implemented our own version of the Trust system.
Similar to retail, Trust magic allows you to call up to 5 NPCs (Alter-Egos) to assist in combat!
Each “Trust” has their own unique jobs and roles.
Easily fill your party with Tanks, Healers, and Damage Dealers.
Increase leveling speed and survival with personal battle assistants.

See the Trust System page to learn how to unlock and use Trusts!

See Ability Effects.

  • Certain Job Abilities have been buffed with extra bonuses.
  • These effects are always active.

While under the effects of Signet/Sanction/Sigil you gain these additional bonuses:

  • EXP bonus
  • +5 Regain (+5 / 3000 TP per tick.)
  • +1 Refresh
  • +1 Regen
  • ATT: 15 + Level
  • DEF: 15 + Level
  • EVA: 15 + Level / 2
  • Increased crystal drop rate.

Easily purchase items anytime, and anywhere.

Global @shop command

  • Warp Scroll/Potions/Remedies/Antidotes/Holy Water/Eye Drops/Reraise
  • Food, Ammo (Arrows/Bullets/Bolts/Cards), Tools (NIN/HELM), Pet Shop *Requires Upgrade

Global @ah command

  • Buy and Sell items globally at any time.
  • The auction house has no limit on the amount of items that can be sold at once.
  • Auctions never expire on Valhalla.

Celennia Memorial Library

  • Level 1-20 Weapons and Armor
  • Spells Vendor - Magic scrolls including several that are unobtainable normally.
  • Event Vendor - Sells fun event items for Style Locking. (choco/mog suit, ark weapons, wedding clothes)
  • Relic Weapons Vendor - Achieve Rank 6 and level 70 to purchase Relic weapons.

Mog Garden

  • Aggregated Guild Vendors including: Smithing, Goldsmithing, Clothcraft, Leathercraft, Bonecraft, Woodworking, Alchemy, and Cooking.

Cruor Vendors

  • Purchase AF3 Base equipment from NPCs in Abyssea

Click here for a list of all the shops and locations!


  • Drops from all monsters.
  • Amount is based on monster level and difficulty.
  • Battlefields and Missions give bonus Gil.
  • Quests and Missions give 2x the amount of Gil.

Crystals / Clusters / Beastmen Seals / Kindred Seals / Kindred Crests / High Kindred Crests

  • Crystals will very frequently drop from mobs as long as you have Signet/Sigil/Sanction AND in the correct zones for these buffs. (Conquest, ToAU, etc.)
  • All seals are removed from the 5 minute cooldown on the Treasure Pool. As long as the mob gives you EXP you will have no problem obtaining these. (E.g. The default 5 min. cooldown between seal/crest drops has been removed.)
  • Clusters will drop most often from Elementals and monsters in Sea.


Cruor, Resistance Credits, and Dominion Notes

  • All mobs in the realm drop Cruor starting at level 1. This allows you to start collecting early as you level.
  • Monsters defeated in Abyssea zones will drop all three.
  • NMs defeated in Abyssea will drop significantly more currency.
  • NMs defeated in SoA zones will drop significantly more currency.
  • Being in a party adds a small bonus.
  • All party and/or alliance members get an equal amount. It is not divided or split up among the party or alliance.

A reference of all custom NPCs that are found within the server.

NPC Name Notes Zone
Makel Pakel Valhalla Daily Quest NPC Celennia Memorial Library
Hunt Board Valhalla Hunt System Celennia Memorial Library
Treasure Chest Gives EXP and Gil once per hour! Celennia Memorial Library
Odin Class Trainer / Enhancer NPC Mog Gardens
Altana Handmaiden Teleport NPC Mog Gardens
Galka with Signpost Exchange NPC Mog Gardens
Institutions Advanced Crafting Vendor NPC Celennia Memorial Library
Vainrachault Relic Vendor NPC Celennia Memorial Library
Garuda Perk NPC 1 Lv. 10-20 Mog Gardens
Shiva Perk NPC 2 Lv.21-40 Mog Gardens
Ramuh Perk NPC 3 Lv.41-70 Mog Gardens
Alexander Perk NPC 4 Lv.71-90 Mog Gardens 2
Treasure Chest 1 Augment NPC 1 Lv. 10-20 Mog Gardens
Treasure Chest 2 Augment NPC 2 Lv. 21-40 Mog Gardens
Treasure Chest 3 Augment NPC 3 Lv. 41-70 Mog Gardens
Treasure Chest 4 Augment NPC 4 Lv.71-80 Mog Gardens
Treasure Chest 5 Augment NPC 5 Lv.81-90 Mog Gardens
Reja Ygridhi Lv. 15 Armor Set Vendor Celennia Memorial Library
Hestefa Lv. 1-20 Weapon Vendor Celennia Memorial Library
Yefafa Login Points Exchange Celennia Memorial Library
Jedelaih Vanity / Event Equipment Vendor Celennia Memorial Library
Frog Wizard Blue Mage spell trainer. Celennia Memorial Library
Andreine Magic Scroll vendor that sells rare spells. Celennia Memorial Library
Moogle Allows access to Mog House from Lib. Celennia Memorial Library
Trystol Exchanges items for advanced augments. Celennia Memorial Library
Altana Handmaiden 1 Blacksmithing Guild Vendor Mog Gardens 2
Altana Handmaiden 2 Goldsmithing Guild Vendor Mog Gardens 2
Altana Handmaiden 3 Woodworking Guild Vendor Mog Gardens 2
Altana Handmaiden 4 Alchemy Guild Vendor Mog Gardens 2
Altana Handmaiden 5 Leathercraft Guild Vendor Mog Gardens 2
Altana Handmaiden 6 Clothcraft Guild Vendor Mog Gardens 2
Altana Handmaiden 7 Bonecraft Guild Vendor Mog Gardens 2
Altana Handmaiden 8 Cooking Guild Vendor Mog Gardens 2