Teleports and You

Homepoint Crystals

Homepoint Crystals are now used for teleportation. A fast and efficient way to travel around.

  • Simply visit each crystal to unlock warps between them.
  • Can be acquired at any level.
  • Target and click the crystal to choose a location to teleport to.

Outpost Warps

Teleport between regions of the world directly to the zone's Outpost location.

  • All Outpost Warps are unlocked by default when you create your character.
  • Minimum level to use an outpost warp is 10.
  • Useful for odd locations that do not have nearby homepoint crystals.

To warp to an Outpost, please see your Nation's Teleport NPC:

  • Bastok: Conrad Bastok Mines K-8
  • San d'Oria: Jeanvirgaud Northern San d'Oria L-10
  • Windurst: Rottata Port Windurst L-4

Explorer Moogles

Explorer Moogles teleport you between each main city for a small fee.

  • Found in each of the main cities (near Outpost NPC)
  • Selbina
  • Mhaura

Warp NPC Locations

Visit the Warp NPC in @mog. Altana Handmaiden NPC in center of NPC row.

  • Unlock Warp Access through Perk NPCs upgrade to use.
  • Provides teleportation access to custom zones as well as a few common destinations around the realm.

Warp Scrolls & Items

Warp Scrolls are usable items that teleport you to your registered homepoint.

  • Check out @shop for Warp Scrolls and Ducal Recall Ring (warp to Jeuno).
  • Can be purchased through Conquest Points.

Teleport to Other Party Members

Instantly teleport to another party member with the @partywarp command!

  • Teleport target type: @partywarp on
  • Other members type: @partywarp Playername