Celennia Memorial Library

This zone is dedicated to hosting custom, scripted vendors and NPCs on Valhalla.
Teleport to this zone by using the @lib command.
Requires teleport access perk.

Moogle - Change jobs, access delivery box, storage, etc.
Giftbox - A Treasure Chest that gives 1500-2000 EXP & Gil every hour!

Makel-Pakel (Daily Quests)
Hunt System
Login Points & Reward System

Hestefa - Lv. 1 to 20 Weapons
Reja-Ygridhi - Lv. 1 to 20 Armor Sets
Andreine (Spells Vendor) - Sells rare Magic Scrolls.
Vainrachault (Relic Weapon Vendor) - Level 75 Relic Weapons

Institutions (Crafting) - Sells rare and unobtainable crafting materials.
Jedelaih (Misc. Costumes) - Sells fun vanity items for style lock and furniture.

Frog (Blue Magic Trainer) - Teaches additional BLU magic to mages level 60 or higher.
Trystol - High Tier Augment Exchange NPC