Empyrean Weapons

 Empyrean Weapons

Upgrade and build the ultimate weapon of the Gods!
Flaunt stylish looks with the Red Afterglow from the final upgrade while you crush the skulls of your enemies!
Obtain powerful bonuses that will push your strength to the next level!
Use the table below to map out your desired weapon…

See the Google Docs Spreadsheet for a full layout of the Empyrean Upgrade system.

Weapon Type Jobs Trial Start Upgrade 1 Upgrade 2 Level 80 Level 85 Level 90
Hand-to-Hand MNK, PUP Pugilists Simian Fists Mantis Verethragna Verethragna Verethragna
Dagger THF, BRD, DNC Peeler Renegade Kartika Twashtar Twashtar Twashtar
Sword RDM, PLD, BLU Side-sword Schiavona Nobilis Almace Almace Almace
Great Sword PLD, DRK Break Blade Sunblade Albion Caladbolg Caladbolg Caladbolg
Axe WAR, BST Chopper Splinter Bonebiter Farsha Farsha Farsha
Great Axe WAR Lumberjack Sagaris Bonesplitter Ukonvasara Ukonvasara Ukonvasara
Scythe DRK Farmhand Stigma Ultimatum Redemption Redemption Redemption
Polearm DRG Ranseur Copperhead Oathkeeper Rhongomiant Rhongomiant Rhongomiant
Katana NIN Kibashiri Koruri Mozu Kannagi Kannagi Kannagi
Great Katana SAM Donto Shirodachi Radennotachi Masamune Masamune Masamune
Club WHM Stenz Rageblow Culacula Gambanteinn Gambanteinn Gambanteinn
Staff BLM, SMN, SCH Crook Shillelagh Slaine Hvergelmir Hvergelmir Hvergelmir
Bow RNG Sparrow Kestrel Astrild Gandiva Gandiva Gandiva
Gun RNG, COR Thunderstick Blue steel Magnatus Armageddon Armageddon Armageddon
Instrument BRD Pyf Harp » » » Daurdabla Daurdabla
Shield PLD Utilis Shield » » » Ochain Ochain

The Empyrean Weapon system can be accessed by visiting Eastern Adoulin via the Warp NPC.

Upon reaching Rank 6 the Handmaiden NPCs will allow you to start building your first Empyrean Weapon.
There are 6 stages total: Starting Weapon, Upgrade 1, 2, 80, 85, and 90.
Each Handmaiden NPC (left-to-right) will handle different upgrade stages.

In order to use a Handmaiden's services, you must first complete a quest to prove your worth.
The center Handmaiden will provide teleportation to the battlefield.
Return to the Handmaiden after defeating the requested Notorious Monster to unlock her upgrade services.

Gather the required items for upgrading and trade it to the NPC to store it.
Trade the NPC your weapon to use the stored materials. The upgraded weapon is added to your inventory.

Starting Weapon

Purchase a weapon from the Starter Handmaiden for a fee of 25,000 Gil.

Upgrade 1

Quest #1
Defeat Sin in the Walk of Echoes.

Gather 250 Crystal Clusters (any type) and trade them to the NPC.
Storing each Cluster costs 4000 Gil. A total of 1,000,000 Gil required.
Gil is automatically removed from inventory.

Trade a Starting Weapon after storing the crystals.

Upgrade 2

Quest #2
Defeat Metus in the Empyreal Paradox.

Use the menu to store 50 Merit Points.

Trade an Upgrade 1 Weapon after storing the Merit Points.

Upgrade 80

Quest #3
Defeat The Wyrmking Bahamut in Riverne Site #B01.


  • 25 Mog Kupon AW-Kupo by defeating battlefields for Metus (Quest 2) or The Wyrmking (Quest 3).
  • 12 of any High Quality 3 Gems: Flame, Snow, Breeze, Soil, Thunder, Aqua, Light, or Shadow with Goldsmithing.
  • 50,000 Cruor
  • 5,000,000 Gil

Trade a Upgrade 2 Weapon to the NPC to upgrade it to Level 80.

* Weapons starting at level 80 and above have additional (hidden) bonuses and stats.

Upgrade 85

Quest #4
Defeat Shinryu in Abyssea - Empyreal Paradox.


  • 25 Mog Kupon E85 by defeating battlefields Shinryu (Quest 4) or Odin (Quest 5).
  • 12 Iron Plates from Iron Giants in Abyssea zones.
  • 12 Cashmere Cloth. Obtain Cashmere Wool or Cashmere Thread in the battlefields and craft it into Cashmere Cloth with Clothcrafting.
  • 100,000 Cruor
  • 10,000,000 Gil

Trade a Level 80 Empyrean Weapon to the NPC to upgrade it to Level 85.

Upgrade 90

Quest #5
Defeat Odin in Hazhalm Testing Grounds.


  • 25 Mog Kupon E90 by defeating Notorious Monsters inside of Dynamis [D] instances (Leafallia) or Azi Dahaka (Escha ZiTah).
  • 99 Sacred Kindred Crest from Dynamis [D] monsters.
  • 1500 Heavy Metal Plate from Dynamis [D] monsters. Bosses drop Heavy Metal Pouch containing several plates.
  • 200,000 Cruor
  • 25,000,000 Gil

Trade a Level 85 Empyrean Weapon to the NPC to upgrade it to Level 90.

Congratulations! You've obtained an exceptional Level 90 Empyrean Weapon!
Enjoy the amazing Red Afterglow model and the heightened power hidden within!

Mog Kupon E90 can be obtained from each Dynamis [D] boss one time every week. The weekly reset occurs on Tuesday 12:00AM Server Time (Central Time US)