Daily Quests

Daily Quests are a great way to earn easy gil, items, and currency for upgrades.
They are available for anyone at any level; although you will need a geared character or friends for the tougher BCNMs.

Talk to Makel-Pakel in Celennia Memorial Library (@lib).

Quest # Quest Type Details/Drops
#1 Daily BCNM 1 Defeat a Lv. 20 Notorious Monster.
#2 Daily BCNM 2 Defeat a Lv. 20 Notorious Monster.
#3 Daily BCNM 3 Defeat a Lv. 40 Notorious Monster.
#4 Daily BCNM 4 Defeat a Lv. 60 Notorious Monster.
#5 Daily BCNM 5 Defeat a Lv. 75 Notorious Monster.
#6 Daily BCNM 6 Defeat a Lv. 90 Notorious Monster.
#7 Gathering 12x of any crystal
#8 Gathering 5x Beastmen Seals

* Note: Daily Quests can only be activated once every 16 hours after turn-in for reward.

Performing a BCNM Quest:

Example: BCNM #1

  1. Travel to @lib
  2. Click on Makel-Pakel and select Quest from menu. (Or trade 1 Gil)
  3. Travel to Ghelsba Outpost (Ronfaure Region). Use Teleport NPC –> Ghelsba to travel directly there.
  4. Go to Hut Door @ position (F-9)
  5. Click on Hut Door to activate the battle. A menu will appear. Select “Save the Children” to enter battlefield.
  6. Defeat the monster inside.
  7. Click the treasure chest when completed to receive your reward items. You will be warped out of the battlefield.
  8. Return to Makel-Pakel in the Library to receive reward of 10,000 gil and 2x Alexandrite.


  • All Quests are independent of each other can all be accepted/active at the same time!
  • Save time by activating all BCNMs when you start. Then fight all in order and turn in at once for mega profits!

Each BCNM contains a Treasure Chest.
The first couple of BCNMs give Crystal Clusters.
The remaining BCNMs give equipment and items.
Turn in the BCNM quest in @lib afterwards to get Exp, 25000-50000 Gil, and Copper Vouchers to trade in to the Bestiary in @lib for additional currency!

See Custom BCNMs for BCNM specific rewards.