Augment System

Customize your gear to fit your play style.

Enchant armor and weapons with up to 4 different bonuses using Valhalla's custom augment system!
Choose from a massive list of 50+ different stats, such as STR/DEX/VIT/AGI/INT/MND/CHR, Double/Triple/Quad Attack, Affinity, Weaponskill Damage, and more!

Getting Started

  • There are five “Treasure Chest” NPCs in the Mog Garden. Left-to-right is Tier 1 through 5.
  • Each Augment Chest contains different augments that can be used to enhance equipment. As you unlock each chest it will have stronger augments. Higher tier chests also include augments from lower tiers.
  • Create combinations and add up to 4 augments per armor/weapon.
  • The augment that gets added depends on the Catalyst traded to the Treasure Chest along with your item.

Augmenting Items

  1. Target a Treasure Chest, open Main Menu, click Trade.
  2. Put Armor/Weapon in trade window.
  3. Put catalysts in additional slots of trade window. (see list below)
  4. Click OK to complete the trade.

Item is augmented and returned to your inventory.
A message will appear displaying the amount of augments added to the weapon/armor.
Any augments that are currently on the armor/weapon will be overwritten with the new augment combination.

Example: Combining Augments for Tier 1

  1. Open trade window with Treasure Chest.
  2. Put 1 armor or weapon in trade window.
  3. Put 1 fire crystal, 1 ice crystal, 1 earth crystal, 1 dark crystal in trade window.
  4. Click OK to complete the trade.
  • Item returned to your inventory with +5 HP, +5 MP, +2 STR, +2 MND

How do you see the Augments on an item?

  1. Open Equipment window (CTRL + E) or /check
  2. While cursor is over item, press the Main Menu key (usually hyphen or minus on num pad).
  3. The details pane will flip to show the augments in yellow.
  • If you are using a controller it is usually bound to the Square Button or your Main Menu binding.

Augment any level gear.

  • Allows only crystals/blood.
Catalyst Augment Differing Result/Notes
1x Fire Crystal HP +5 Increases HP pool by 5.
1x Ice Crystal MP +5 Increases MP pool by 5.
1x Wind Crystal STR +2 Increases Attack, Ranged Attack, and Base Physical Damage.
1x Earth Crystal DEX +2 Increases Accuracy and Base Critical Hit Rate.
1x Lightning Crystal VIT +2 Increases Defense and reduces physical damage taken.
1x Water Crystal AGI +2 Increases Evasion and Ranged Accuracy.
Modifies amount of TP a mob gains when struck.
1x Light Crystal INT +2 Increases Magic Accuracy and Damage of black and blue magic.
1x Dark Crystal MND +2 Increases potency of white magic.
1x Vial Beastmen Blood CHR +2 Modifies songs, charm rate, and potency of Waltzes.
1x Eye Drops Accuracy +1 Increases accuracy of melee attacks by 1.
1x Rabbit Hide Ranged Accuracy +1 Increases accuracy of ranged attacks by 1.
1x Beetle Shell Attack +5 Increases pDIF range of physical weapon damage.
1x Honey Ranged Attack +5 Increases pDIF range of ranged weapon damage.
2x Bird Feathers Evasion +1 Increases chance to evade physical attacks by 1.
1x Quadav Backplate DEF +5 Increases Defense by 5.

Augments Lv. 20 and higher gear only.

  • Crystals and Clusters.
  • Pet augments also work with NPC Fellow from Signal Pearl.
Catalyst Augment Display Differing Result/Notes
1x Fire Cluster Attack+10 Increases pDIF range for melee attacks.
1x Ice Cluster Fast Cast+2 Increases speed of casting spells.
1x Wind Cluster “Dbl. Atk.”+1 “Double Attack” +1%
1x Water Cluster Mag. Acc.+2 “Mag.Atk.Bns.”+2 Magic Accuracy +2, Magic Attack Bonus +2
1x Lightning Cluster Haste+2% Gear Haste +1%, Ability/Magic Haste +0.2%
1x Light Cluster Pet: Mag. Acc.+4 “Mag.Atk.Bns.”+4 Increase any pet's Magic Attack and Bonus by 4.
1x Dark Cluster Pet: “Dbl. Atk.”+4 Crit. hit rate +4% Increase any pet's Double Attack and Critical Hit by +4%.
1x Iron Ingot Enmity +2 Increased threat on mob through actions.
1x Sheep Wool Enmity -2 Reduced threat on mob through actions.
1x Cloudy Orb Blood Pact Delay -1 Reduces delay of Blood Pact abilities.
1x Sky Orb Cure Potency +1% Increases potency of cure spells.
1x Mythril Ingot Ranged Attack +10 Increases pDIF range for ranged attacks.
1x Crab Shell DEF+10 Increases Defense by 10.
1x Malboro Vine Accuracy +2 Increase precision of melee attacks.
1x Elm Lumber Ranged Accuracy +2 Increase precision of ranged attacks.
1x Star Orb Snapshot +1% Reduce delay of ranged attacks by 1%.
Includes Tier 1 Catalysts Includes Tier 1 Augments

Augments Lv. 41 and higher only.

  • Includes Tier 2 augments.
  • This chest will give +2 more stats than Chest 1 (+10 HP, +4 STR, etc.)
  • Adding +DMG only works with your Main Hand weapon; meaning that the gear with this enchant only increases the damage of your Main Hand weapon.
Catalyst Augment Display Differing Results/Notes
1x Dragon Blood DMG:+2 Increases base melee weapon damage by 2.
2x Fire Crystal HP+10
2x Ice Crystal MP+10
2x Wind Crystal STR+4
2x Earth Crystal DEX+4
2x Lightning Crystal VIT+4
2x Water Crystal AGI+4
2x Light Crystal INT+4
2x Dark Crystal MND+4
2x Vial Beastmen Blood CHR+4
1x Yuhtunga Sulfur Ninjitsu DMG +3 Increases damage of Ninjitsu nukes by 3%.
12x Water Cluster,
12x Lufet Salt
Mag. ACC & Mag. Atk +6 Increases magic accuracy and bonus by 6.
3x Ahriman Lens Accuracy +4
3x Boyahda Moss Ranged Accuracy +4
1x Copy of Castle Floor Plans Fire Resistance +2 Ranged DMG:+2
Increases base ranged damage by 2.
Includes All Previous Tiers Includes All Previous Tiers

Augments Lv. 61 and higher only.

  • Includes All Previous Tiers.
  • All Elemental Resistances stacks with other gear.
Catalyst Augment Display Differing Results/Notes
12x Fiend Blood,
12x Fire Cluster
Attack +15
1x Golem Shard,
1x Scorpion Stinger
Ranged Attack +15
1x HQ Crab Shell DEF +15
2x Virtue Stone Pouch Cure Potency +2%
25x L. Jadeshell,
25x 100 Byne,
25x M. Silverpiece
“Dbl. Atk.”+4 “Double Attack”+4%
1x Brilliantine Conserve MP +2 Increases chance to proc Conserve MP, reducing MP cost of the spell.
1x Remedy Occ. inc. resist. to stat. ailments +10 Occasionally resists all status ailments +10%.
1x Mog Kupon L Magic crit. hit rate +3
1x Pandemonium Key Mag. crit. hit dmg. +3%
1x Hyper Potion Delay:+2 Increases TP gained per physical attack.
Increases DNC Samba's based on weapon delay.
1x Max Potion Delay:-2 Reduces melee weapon delay.
6x Bird Fletchings Ranged Delay +2 Increases TP gained per ranged attack.
1x Icarus Wing Ranged Delay -2 Reduces ranged weapon delay.
5x M. Silverpiece,
5x 100 Byne,
5x L. Jadeshell
+10 All Elemental Resistances
1x R. Gold Piece Crit. hit rate +2% Increases chance to cause critical damage by 2%.
1x 10k Byne Bill Crit. hit damage +2% Increases damage caused through critical hits by 2%.
1x Smalt Leather Axe Skill +3
1x Ecarlate Cloth Great Axe Skill +3
1x Benedict Silk Club Skill +3
1x Filet Lace Dagger Skill +3
1x Utopian Gold Thread Hand-to-Hand Skill +3
1x Plaited Cord Katana Skill +3
1x Scarlet Odoshi Great Katana Skill +3
1x Cobalt Mythril Sheet Polearm Skill +3
1x Dark Orchalcum Scythe Skill +3
1x Diabolic Silk Staff Skill +3
1x Luminian Thread Sword Skill +3
1x Ruby Silk Thread Great Sword Skill +3
1x Zelos Orb Fast Cast +4 Reduces spell cast delay.
1x Charcoal Cotton Archery Skill +3
1x Canvas Toile Marksmanship Skill +3
1x Gold Stud Throwing Skill +3
1x Ancient Brass Guarding Skill +3
1x White Rivet Shield Skill +3
1x Kurogane Parrying Skill +3
1x Light Filament Evasion Skill +3
1x Benedict Yarn Divine Magic Skill +3
1x Fetid Lanolin Healing Magic Skill +3
1x Electrum Stud Enhancing Magic Skill +3
1x Carinal Cloth Enfeebling Magic Skill +3
1x Diabolic Yarn Elemental Magic Skill +3
1x Black Rivet Dark Magic Skill +3
1x Astral Leather Summoning Magic Skill +3
1x Ebony Lacquer Ninjutsu Magic Skill +3
1x Brown Doeskin Singing Magic Skill +3
1x Flameshun Cloth Blue Magic Skill +3
Includes All Previous Tiers Includes All Previous Tiers

Augments Lv. 81+ gear only.

  • Max tier. Includes every augment from every box and more. Stats +2 yet again.
  • You may find special custom exchanges for exceptionally powerful augment items by: High Tier Augment Exchange NPC
Catalyst Augment Display Differing Results/Notes
5x Fire Crystals HP+20
5x Ice Crystals MP+20
5x Wind Crystals STR+6
5x Earth Crystals DEX+6
5x Lightning Crystals VIT+6
5x Water Crystals AGI+6
5x Light Crystals INT+6
5x Dark Crystals MND+6
5x Vial of Beastmen Blood CHR+6
1x Any Elemental Bead (Fire Bead, etc.) Affinity: Avatar perp. cost -4 “Magic Affinity”+4 (Magic Damage+20% / Magic Acc.+4 / Avatar perp. cost -4)
NOTE1: Magic Affinity caps at 20 (5 Augments w/o an elemental staff).
NOTE2: Affinity Damage goes up in incriments of +5%, which is why Affinity+4 equals Damage+20%.
NOTE3: As such, NQ Elemental Staves on DSP are Affinity+2; HQ are Affinity+3.
99x Alexandrite “Treasure Hunter”+1 Increases chances of obtaining items dropped from mobs.
1x Dragon Heart Latent effect: “Regain”+100 “Regain”+10 (out of 3000 TP)
1x Behemoth Leather Missive,
2x Cerberus Hide,
2x Cerberus Claw
Attack +20
1x Coeurl Leather Missive,
2x Behemoth Hide,
12x Forgotten Journey
Ranged Attack +20
1x Earth Cluster,
12x Forgotten Thought
DEF +20
30x Ancient Beastcoin,
1x Ram Leather Missive,
1x Emerald Chip
All Stats +2 Display is different on armor.
99x Forgotten Touch,
1x Omega's Foreleg,
1x Balrahn's Eyepatch
Haste +10% Gear Haste +5%, Ability/Magic Haste +1%
12x Devious Die Weapon Skill Damage +3% Increases damage of all weaponskills by 3%.
* Stacks with 15% WS bonus from Lv.90 Mythic Weapons + Mythic WS.
1x Chameleon Yarn Rapid Shot +3% 3% chance to fire a ranged attack instantly.
1x Bia Orb,
10x Dragon Scales
TP Bonus +50 Adds 50 TP to your Weapon Skill multiplier.
50x L. Jadeshell,
50x 100 Byne,
50x M. Silverpiece
“Triple Atk.”+4 “Triple Attack” +4%
1x Themis Orb,
1x Cat's Eye,
1x Wyrmseeker Areuhat
“Quad Atk.”+2 “Quadruple Attack” +2%
Quadruple Attack caps at +15%.
Includes All Previous Tiers Includes All Previous Tiers