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Valhalla has a large selection of custom-built Battlefields and Notorious Monsters within the realm.
Looking for a challenge to earn rewards? Try your hand at a few of these.


Daily Quests: Level 20/40/60/75/90 Daily BCNM battles for equipment, clusters, and crafting materials.
Hunt System: Bonus EXP, Gil, and equipment for hunting regular and notorious monsters.
Dungeon System: Custom battlefields full of EXP, Gil, Equipment, and Augments to enhance gear!
At Level 90 try Custom BCNMs, Abyssea, World NMs, Dynamis, Sky, Sea, Limbus, and more.


Visit the entrance of the Battlefield in the zone below to join the battle!

Zone Name Requires Rewards Description
(1 Player)
Trial 1 Lv.20 EXP
Rare cosmetic equipment.
Solo instance. Join at the Dungeon Proprietor.
Defeat monsters to access Boss and Treasure.
Defeat Boss to win.
Trial 2 Lv.30~40 EXP, Gil, Mog Pells Solo instance. Similar to Trial 1 with Lv30~40 monsters and multiple bosses.
Ghelsba Outpost
(1-6 Player)
Daily #1 Lv.20 EXP, 25000 Gil, 2x Copper Vouchers Daily Quest: Fomor mini-fight
Daily #2 Lv.20 EXP, 25000 Gil, 2x Copper Vouchers Daily Quest: Garuda mini-fight.
Daily #3 Lv.40 EXP, 50000 Gil, 2x Copper Vouchers Daily Quest: Shiva mini-fight.
Daily #4 Lv.60 EXP, 50000 Gil, 2x Copper Vouchers Daily Quest: Ramuh mini-fight.
Daily #5 Lv.75 EXP, 50000 Gil, 2x Copper Vouchers Daily Quest: Ifrit mini-fight.
Daily #6 Lv.90 EXP, 50000 Gil, 2x Copper Vouchers Daily Quest: Fenrir mini-fight.
Throne Room
(1-6 Player)
Shadow Lord: Hard Mode Lv.90 Lv.75 Salvage: Head armor.
x6 Dynamis Currency.
x3 Alexandrite Coin Purse.
Enter via Throne Room in Castle Zvahl.
Throne Room [S]
(1-6 Player)
Fiat Lux Lv.90 High Kindred Crests
Nocturnus Helm / Nocturnus Mail / Nightfall
Use warp NPC to teleport to Xarcabard (S) and climb the Castle.
In Throne Room (S), trigger the “Throne Room” door to activate the fight.
* Party Recommended
Sealion's Den
(6-18 Player)
Arch-Ultima Lv.90 Drops base AF3 Leg equipment. Hard Mode: Ultima
Enter via Iron Gate in Sea Lion's Den.
Arch-Omega Lv.90 Drops base AF3 Feet equipment. Hard Mode: Omega
Enter via Iron Gate in Sea Lion's Den.
La'Loff Amphitheater
(6-18 Player)
Wyvern Nightmare Lv.90 Drops various Dragon and Wyvern items. A battle against a collection of Wyverns and Gods from the world.
Trade 5x Alexandrite to any burning circle in La'Loff
Pandemonium Chaos Lv.75 Blank Mythical weapons for Lv.90 Mythic upgrade. Hard Mode: Pandemonium Warden (75 Cap)
Enter at any of the 5 BCNMs in La'Loff
(6-18 Player)
Provenance Watcher: Anissis
a.k.a. “Beefcake”
Lv.90 Twlight Mail / Helm / Cloak / Torque / Belt / Cape
Twilight Knife / Scythe
Mextli Harness / Fazheluo Radiant Mail / Anhur Robe / Strendu Mantle
Ganeshas Mask / Strendu Ring / Rancor Collar
Face off against one of the strongest dragons for a chance to get exceptional item drops.
Enter at the Resonating Crystal.
Provenance Watcher: Anissus
a.k.a. “Prime Rib”
Lv.90+ (HM) Harder fight with better drop chances. “Prime Rib”
Trade 5x Alexandrite to the Resonating Crystal in Reisenjima-Sanctorium.
Walk of Echoes
(6 Player)
Sin Lv.90 Empyrean Weapons
Empyreal Paradox
(6 Player)
Metus Lv.90 Empyrean Weapons
Riverne Site #B01
(6 Player)
Bahamut Lv.90 Empyrean Weapons
Abyssea-Empyreal Paradox
(6-18 Player)
Shinryu Lv.90 Empyrean Weapons
Hazhalm Testing Grounds
(6-18 Player)
Odin Lv.90 Empyrean Weapons

* Odin Spawns only at night in West Ronfaure (H-9) (H-10).

Name Level Zone Respawn Recommended Party Size Drops and Notes
Odin 90 West Ronfaure Night time. 2-3 Lv.90s x12 100s Dynamis Currency
Any complete Lv.75 Salvage Legs
x3 Alexandrite
x1 Imperial Gold Piece
Spawns only at night near outpost.
Dark Ixion 90 East Ronfaure [S] Any. 2-3 Lv.90s Azoth (63.6%)
Ixion Cloak (65.7%)
Ixion Cape (65.4%)
Dark Ixion Horn (100%)
Dark Ixion Tail (100%)
Azi Dahaka 90 Escha-ZiTah 24 Hours As many as possible. Mog Kupon W-e90 (Empyrean)
Mog Kupon W-e90 (Empyrean)
Mog Kupon W-e90 (Empyrean)
Caliber Ring (Rare EXP Ring)
Caliber Ring (Rare EXP Ring)
Caliber Ring (Rare EXP Ring)

Name Level Zone Respawn Recommended Party Size Drops and Notes
HM Seiryu 110 Ru'Aun Gardens Spawned by:
Gem of the East
x10 Alexandrite
6 or more Lv.90s Perle Moufles +1
Aurore Gloves +1
Teal Cuffs +1
Melaco Mittens
Oneiros Sash
Oneiros Earring
x1-2 Seals of Seiryu
x0-2 Rubber Gloves
HM Suzaku 110 Ru'Aun Gardens Spawned by:
Gem of the South
x10 Alexandrite
6 or more Lv.90s Perle Solerets +1
Aurore Gaiters +1
Teal Pigaches +1
Apathy Gorget
Pipilaka Belt
Demonry Core
x1-2 Seals of Suzaku
x0-2 Rubber Soles
HM Byakko 110 Ru'Aun Gardens Spawned by:
Gem of the West
x10 Alexandrite
6 or more Lv.90s Perle Brayettes +1
Aurore Brais +1
Teal Slops +1
Calmecac Trousers
Oneiros Pebble
Oneiros Grip
x1-2 Seals of Byakko
x0-2 Rubber Chausses
HM Genbu 110 Ru'Aun Gardens Spawned by:
Gem of the North
x10 Alexandrite
6 or more Lv.90s Perle Salade +1
Aurore Beret +1
Teal Chapeau +1
Mujin Band
Oneiros Ring
Khthonios Helm
x1-2 Seals of Genbu
x0-2 Rubber Caps
HM Kirin 110 Shrine of Ru'Avitau Spawned by:
Seal of Seiryu
Seal of Suzaku
Seal of Byakko
Seal of Genbu
x10 Alexandrite
6 or more Lv.90s Perle Hauberk +1
Aurore Doublet +1
Teal Saio +1
Khthonios Mask
Oneiros Cest
Jingang Hose
Jingang Greaves
Mercurial Kris
x0-2 Rubber Harnesses

These NMs respawn every 2-3 hours after last kill.
Drops materials to craft Ebon/Ebur/Furia Armor Sets.

Name Mob Type Zone Location Drops and Notes
Abatwa Sappling Crawlers Nest [S] Near very bottom to exit to Rolan.[S] Aptant: Ishis, Aptant: Secan
Aqrabuamelu Scorpion Crawlers Nest Near very bottom of CN. Aptant: Pera, Aptant: Ishis
Atkorkamuy Kraken Qufim Island [F-8] Aptant: Durus, Aptant: Tachus
Becut Gigas Beaucedine Glacier [S] Lottery spawn from Gigas around [F/G-9] Aptant: Primus, Aptant: Arkhe
Big Bang Djinn Vunkerl Inlet [S] Lottery spawn from Ignis Djinn [E/F-10] Aptant: Bellum
Came-cruse Spirit Beaucedine Glacier [S] [H-8] Aptant: Fyrst, Aptant: Secan
Canal Moocher Leech Toraimarai Canal Lottery spawn from Bouncing Ball [H-8] Aptant: Pera, Aptant: Geoc
Chary Apkallu Apkallu Mount Zhayolm [K-8] Aptant: Arkhe, Aptant: Ishis
Chelicerata Chigoe Wajaom Woodlands [K-9] Aptant: Arkhe, Aptant: Ishis
Citadel Pipistrelles Bat Trio Garliage Citadel [S] [H-7] Second Map Aptant: Bellum, Aptant: Ishis
Croque-mitaine Goobbue Pashhow Marshlands [S] [I-7] Aptant: Tachus, Aptant: Haelan
Demoiselle Desolee Damselfly Fort Karugo-Narugo [S] Lottery spawn from Dragonfly [G/H-5] Aptant: Bellum
Frost Flambeau Snoll Uleguerand Range [F-10/11] Aptant: Fyrst, Aptant: Geoc
Harvestman Spider Bhaflau Thickets [I-9] Aptant: Primus, Aptant: Bellum
Jenglot Doll FeiYin [H-8] Aptant: Haelan, Aptant: Secan
Konjac Slime Toraimarai Canal Lottery spawn from Mousse [G-6] Aptant: Aecus, Aptant: Durus
Laelaps Hound The Eldieme Necropolis [S] [H-8] Aptant: Haelan
Martinet Doll RoMaeve [C-9] Aptant: Aecus, Aptant: Pera
Muq Shabeel Lynx Meriphataud Mountains [S] [K-4] Aptant: Fyrst, Aptant: Haelan
Nargun Golem RoMaeve [K-5] Aptant: Arkhe, Aptant: Pera
Sabotender Corrido Sabotender Eastern Altepa Desert [H-10] Aptant: Tachus, Aptant: Ichis
Sargas Scorpion Attohwa Chasm [G-9] Aptant: Primus, Aptant: Aecus
Skvader Rabbit Uleguerand Range Lottery spawn from Polar Hare [I-10] Aptant: Geoc, Aptant: Haelan
Tegmine Crab Cape Terrigan [H-8] Aptant: Durus, Aptant: Bellum
Venomfang Raptor Mamook [L-9] Aptant: Tachus, Aptant: Pera
Warabouc Bugard Vunkerl Inlet [S] [I-9] Aptant: Aecus, Aptant: Geoc
Zmey Gorynych Raptor Cape Terrigan [G-7] Aptant: Primus, Aptant: Durus

* Becut / Big Bang / Canal Moocher / Demoiselle Desolee / Konjac / Skvader Lottery Spawn: Killing a placeholder and triggering the pop will give a system message in your chat, to indicate that the NM will spawn soon, within the time displayed in the message.